These people were able to take their big-city salaries to more affordable towns

Some big tech companies have said pay may be lowered for staff who move to less-expensive areas. Tech giants, including Google and Facebook, for instance, have said staff members who choose to continue working remotely after the pandemic from areas outside normal commuting distance from the office may take a cut in pay. Still, other companies, including Shopify and numerous others in the tech industry, have said they’re embracing remote work, partly as a way to retain workers with in-demand skills, while also expanding the pool of candidates. That’s good news for our country, said Tony Bonen, director of research, data and analytics for the Ottawa-based Labour Market Information Council. “I think the move to increasing levels of flexibility for workers is good for businesses; I think it’s good for workers,” he said. “In Canada’s case, in particular, I think it’s especially good for us, because it maybe allows people to spread out a little bit more. We have a lot of land here. And there’s a big difference between the amount of people crowding into large cities versus … more remote areas that have a lot to offer, but there just haven’t been jobs there.”

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