Democrats Playing the Race Card to Defend Harris Shows How Desperate They Are

Vice President Kamala Harris is failing, and Democrats are getting desperate to salvage their heir-apparent to the throne before her collapse is irretrievable. A recent Suffolk University poll showed that only 28% of Americans approve of the job Harris is doing. No vice president in polling history has ever polled so low. Harris has been whining about being underutilized, but given her nearly non-existent job skills, what else could Biden do? In truth, Harris has mostly refused the jobs Biden has given her. She flatly declined the setup to make her the fall person for the border crisis. Instead of taking the blame, she reinvented the job to make it about regional security. Biden has been very careful to give her high-profile exposure, like her recent trip to France. They didn’t let her anywhere near a negotiating table, of course, but she looked great doing the grip and grin with President Macron. Even though it’s Joe Biden and his allies who are downsizing the vice president’s position, White House press secretary Jen Psaki is blaming those evil right-wingers for undermining Harris — just because she’s nonwhite and a woman.

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