Israel’s next-gen robots could replace ground troops on frontlines

“If you want to send robots where you don’t want to send soldiers, you need a solution for that,” said Elad Levy, CEO and founder of ROBOTEAM. His company, together with Elbit Systems, on Tuesday, announced the debut of what they are calling “the mothership of unmanned vehicles:” ROOK, a multi-payload military 6X6 Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). The UGV’s innovative design and built-in autonomy suite offers improved capacity, maneuverability and agility from its previous models, creating “a human machine” that is “really part of the team,” said Yoav Poizner, the senior director of Elbit C4I and Cyber. He said the ROOK is the next step toward enabling “everything that happens in the sky” through use of drones and aerial robots to occur on the ground and in the field where soldiers need it, too. The ROOK was developed based on the operational experience accumulated through fielding of the 4×4 PROBOT UGV systems, which became operational a few years ago through a first collaboration between the two companies. What makes ROOK most unique is that it started as a connected system, the teams said. “Because we built it from the first screw, we know how the robot works with the software,” Levy said.

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