Revealed: Toronto school district helps students hide ‘transgender identity’ from parents


An exhaustive and detailed memo from the Toronto District School Board shares ways that teachers and administrators can help students hide their gender transition from their parents. In fact, educators are encouraged and required to hide this information from parents if that’s the student’s preference. In a memo called “Guidelines for the Accommodation of Transgender and Gender Independent/Non-Conforming Students and Staff,” the Toronto School Board outlines best practices for how teachers should go about facilitating a student’s gender transition. These policies have been in effect since 2013. In the section about “Guidelines for Students,” how educators and administrators should deal with a student’s privacy is laid out. It reads that “All students have a right to privacy,” and that “unless specifically directed by the student, schools must keep a student’s transgender/gender non-conforming status confidential.” This includes keeping it confidential from parents and guardians. It continues, “school staff should not disclose a student’s transgender/gender non-conforming status to others unless there is a specific ‘need to know,'” which they define as something along the lines of “a specific accommodation request.”

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