L. Ian MacDonald: Now that he’s had his little vacation, it’s time for Trudeau to get back to work


Instead of stopping in Kamloops, B.C., Prime Minister Justin Trudeau flew over it. That’s what it comes down to in terms of the entirely avoidable mess he created by taking a family holiday at the beach in Tofino, B.C., rather than attending a National Day of Truth and Reconciliation event at the former residential school where a national reckoning began over 215 unmarked graves of Indigenous children. Trudeau could have done both, one on the way to the other, and it would have saved him all that trouble for what he later acknowledged was “a mistake.” Leaving aside Trudeau’s sense of entitlement and propensity for embarking on ill-conceived vacations — see Aga Khan’s private island — there’s the shockingly inept management by the Prime Minister’s Office. All the PMO had to do was accept an invitation by the local First Nation for Trudeau to participate in its ceremony in Kamloops. Perhaps those in the PMO were unaware, since they didn’t even acknowledge the invitation, but instead initially released an itinerary stating that the prime minister would be in Ottawa for private meetings. Yet anyone who’s ever worked there knows you don’t just put the prime minister on a plane.

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