Think the involuntary vaccination situation is bad now?


You really have to keep a watchful eye on technological advancement. The super geeks who create the marvels of tomorrow very often become consumed in what can be done technologically, forgetting and forsaking the question of whether or not something should be done. As we continue to advance in areas like genetic engineering, quantum physics, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and other bleeding-edge sciences, eventually there will be little the human race is prevented from doing if we so desire. Already you can completely change your appearance in ways seemingly magical to people a hundred years ago. Fatter lips, smaller nose, bigger boobs, a larger booty, different color eyes… hell, you can even up and decide nature was wrong and become a chromosome-inconsistent replica of the opposite sex through an array of procedures, hormones, and other services offered by modern medical science. Today, Elon Musk is pushing current Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the limits with self-driving cars. Tomorrow, he will offer you a chance to be as smart as AI. He will present to you a cerebral interface from which you can tie your brain directly into the collective knowledge of the human race.

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