Far-Left Protesters Descend Upon White House, Target ‘Genocide Joe Biden’


President Joe Biden’s Friday proclamation recasting Columbus Day in light of the “wrongs and atrocities… inflicted on Tribal Nations and Indigenous communities” wasn’t enough to deter hundreds of protesters, led by Native Americans from across the country, from marching to the White House on Monday demanding that Biden stop approving fossil fuel projects and declare a national climate emergency. The demonstration is part of a planned five-day protest by People vs. Fossil Fuels, a coalition of groups under the banner of Build Back Fossil Free that is demanding the Biden administration take more drastic actions to reduce fossil-fuel projects. “People are dying right now from the pollutants, the toxins, the climate catastrophes that are happening — and we have to stop the harm,” Siqiñiq Maupin, director of the activist group Sovereign Inupiat for a Living Arctic, told Fox News. “Biden’s election was riding on climate change; his entire election hinged on turning out people of color and Indigenous people.” “But when it really comes to what matters, our lives are still being sacrificed for oil and gas. That’s why we’re here today,” she wrote.

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