CBC condemns comparisons of COVID restrictions to Nazi Germany after calling Trump ‘Hitler’ for four years


The CBC reported that protestors against vaccines mandates are antisemitic because they make a comparison between today’s Trudeau’s authoritarian government to the Nazi regime. This after four years of declaring that former President Donald Trump was a Nazi, comparable to Hitler. The article is purportedly about those Canadian citizens and business who are opposed to vaccine mandates. But instead of noting that these people have concerns about the state of their businesses and the government overreach, Rachel Bergen notes that “Comparisons to the Nazi era are becoming a common sight at demonstrations against public health measures aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19.” This, she notes, is seen as antisemitic. Bergen spoke to the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, who said that “To suggest that these restrictions in any way, shape or form are comparable to the suffering of what happened to the Jews during the Holocaust is unconscionable.” […] But if comparing contemporary government leaders and policies is antisemitic, then the CBC must be antisemitic too, because for much of the Trump administration they compared the former American president to Hitler, and his policies to that of the Nazi regime.

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