New Evidence in Finding a Cause for Havana Syndrome


The intensifying search for the cause of neurological symptoms associated with “Havana Syndrome” has found new evidence that strongly points to some kind of “directed energy weapon” as the culprit. All intelligence agencies of the U.S. government have been thrown into the effort to solve the mystery of what is causing the brain injuries of our intelligence agents, diplomats, and their families as well as what nation or group is behind it. According to Politico, new evidence has emerged that virtually confirms that some kind of directed energy device is responsible. And the evidence strongly suggests that Russia’s military intelligence unit, the GRU, is directing the attacks. The initial attack was believed to be directed at diplomats at our embassy in Havana, Cuba, but there have been attacks in two dozen countries on every continent except Antarctica. Vice President Kamala Harris’s August trip from Singapore to Vietnam was delayed for several hours after several U.S. diplomatic personnel in Hanoi came down with symptoms of the syndrome. And in September, a member of Burns’s team was stricken in India and had to receive medical attention.

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