For Canada’s ‘Leaders,’ It’s About Compliance, Not Health


Have you noticed how events in Canada have really moved in only one direction? The trend has been clear: More and more control, more and more threats of punishment, and more and more demands for compliance. At one point, the idea of a vaccine mandate was seen as a ‘conspiracy theory.’ Funny how nearly every ‘conspiracy theory’ has turned out to be a prediction. And so it is with the national vaccine mandate, the new draconian measure being implemented by the Liberals. Starting November 30th, all travellers on planes on Via Rail trains will have to show proof of vaccination. In disturbing language, Chrystia Freeland described the measures this way: She said the national vaccine mandate is “to ensure a minority of people cannot sabotage Canada’s economic recovery and cannot allow the fourth wave or other variants to cause real problems for us all.” Note what is left out of the vaccine mandate? Proof of immunity/proof of being virus-free. If the goal was to truly ensure that the virus wasn’t spreading on planes or trains, it would be sufficient to simply have people present a negative test. That’s it. Individuals who had previously had Covid can also demonstrate proof of immunity.

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