Joy Behar Demands Black People Trust The COVID Vaccines Because ‘The Experiment Has Been Done On White People’


“White people are getting it. If you don’t see them with double heads, it’s OK. You know, if you don’t see a tail, it’s OK.” During a truly bizarre and racist segment on the ABC talk show “The View” this week, co-host Joy Behar claimed that black people don’t need to be afraid of the COVID-19 vaccine anymore because white people did it as an “experiment.” It all started when co-host Sunny Hostin expressed her shock at the number of Americans who remain unvaccinated, saying that the solution may be “fear.” CDC data states that 56% of Americans are fully vaccinated, while 65% have received one dose. As of October 4, only 46% of black Americans had received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. “I also remember the ad campaign. This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs, with the egg on the street frying. That works. Fear works, unfortunately,” Hostin stated. That’s when Behar chimed in to say that she doesn’t blame black people for being hesitant to get the vaccine because of the Tuskegee experiments. The U.S. government conducted syphilis experiments on black Americans without their knowing consent.

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