Are EVs ready for cottage trips?


We planed a trip up to the cabin in the Ford Mustang Mach-E to see if the vehicle and infrastructure are up to task. […] First, I’d recommend EV owners know the range of their vehicle with 80 per cent battery remaining. Relying on fast chargers means that you will be topping up to that level, which isn’t the typically advertised full-charge mark that automakers always parrot out. Second, check the reviews of stations you plan to use on the day of your trip. This seems like a significant step backwards from gas stations. Imagine having to thumb through reviews of a Shell or Esso that say they have sporadic pumps. That wouldn’t fly with a gas vehicle and station, and shouldn’t be the norm with an EV. Finally, cell connectivity may be inconsistent around the province. If you have an EV charge card to use, this may be more convenient than initiating a charge from your phone. Overall, the trip was doable, and though there were some hiccups, we managed pretty well. While some think EVs are ready for prime-time, this trip suggests that there are still some scenarios where they don’t provide the smoothest experience.

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