Facebook whistleblower reveals herself as Frances Haugen


Facebook is “tearing our societies apart,” a former employee has told US news show “60 minutes.” The tech giant’s internal research showed the company knew of the harms it caused, but optimized for profits. In an explosive “60 Minutes” interview that aired in the United States Sunday, data scientist Frances Haugen, a former employee in Facebook’s civic integrity unit, revealed she was the source of internal documents and research showing the company knew of the harmful effects caused by its platforms. The revelations in the internal research documents featured in a series of articles last month in The Wall Street Journal. The company’s own findings include knowledge of the harms Instagram caused teen girls’ body image perceptions and a two-tier system of penalties for misuse of its platforms, one for celebrities and the other for the public. “I’ve seen a bunch of social networks and it was substantially worse at Facebook than what I had seen before,” Haugen told “60 Minutes.”

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