Canadian Startup to Build $400M UK Plant to Harness Nuclear Fusion in Entirely New Cost-Effective Way


A Canadian nuclear fusion power company has garnered a $400 million investment to build a demonstration energy plant in the UK. They will showcase their proprietary method for generating electricity through the fusion of hydrogen atoms in the hopes of attracting private investors that can kickstart the last great revolution in energy technology. The plant, illustrated as a glittering cylindrical building of glass and curved hanger-bay doors, will be constructed in Culham, and construction is set to begin next summer in collaboration with the UK’s Atomic Energy Authority. The Fusion Demonstration Plant will verify that General Fusion’s MTF technology can create fusion conditions in a practical and cost-effective manner at power plant relevant scales, as well as refine the economics of fusion energy production, leading to the subsequent design of a commercial fusion pilot plant. The Culham demonstration plant would be about 70% the size of a commercial facility, and is meant purely as a demonstration. GNN has reported extensively on nuclear fusion, a process that generates unlimited, clean, on-demand electricity that uses the same process that powers our Sun.

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