Editorial: Trudeau must go – it’s time for O’Toole


Justin Trudeau has not served Canadians well as Prime Minister these past six years. It’s time for a change. It’s understandable why so many Canadians initially supported Trudeau and gave him a majority government back in 2015. The previous Conservative government had been in power for almost a decade and people had grown tired of it. Trudeau offered a promise of “sunny ways” — where he would generate positive results for all Canadians. That has since proven false though. Trudeau is not uniting Canadians. He is dividing us. Rather than rising above the petty sort of politics that so many people have grown tired of seeing, Trudeau has turned it into an art form. He now comes across as insincere. Many Canadians believe he only called this election because he coveted majority government powers, instead of putting in the hard work of collaborating with other parties to get legislation effectively passed. While it was first appealing to Canadians that Trudeau went on about being a feminist and a champion of diversity, those words now ring at best hollow and insulting at worst since they have been exposed to be not entirely true.

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