Rex Murphy: Tales from the front lines of Trudeau’s vanity election


Here we are in the last and bitter days of this needless vanity election. The prospect of a majority for either the Liberals or the Conservatives is seen as very slim. Should the result be a minority Liberal government the inutility and opportunistic cast of the election will be cruelly highlighted. Justin Trudeau will have called an election during a surging pandemic only to be returned, weakened, to the status quo ante. Only in Canada, you say. Pity. A Globe reporter tweeted during the crowded and possibly-contrary-to-Ontario pandemic protocols rally in Brampton, Tuesday night, “If you want to end this pandemic, go out and vote Liberal, (Trudeau) says.” What? Is this medical advice? Now, voting for a Liberal government has many signifiers. […] There was a quite telling moment recently when Trudeau was skillfully and respectfully interviewed by Neetu Garcha of Global TV in British Columbia. At the end of the exchange he condescended to tell Garcha that she hadn’t asked the right questions. Now just as a matter of manners, a prime minister lecturing that polite and intelligent interviewer was uncalled for, rude, and smug as hell.

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