Rex Murphy: Sorry Obama, but Trudeau shouldn’t win


Just a couple of days to go. Deo gratias. And after the nearly six weeks of blather, promises and attacks, where are we? We are where we were at the beginning, still perplexed behind our masks, crossing the street when we see a fellow Canadian approaching and noticing he’s exhaling a little too lustily, why Justin Trudeau called this vain election during a still-raging pandemic. It is the one question the Liberal leader won’t answer because the answer would doom his campaign in the election he made the decision to call. He could not run on the campaign slogan: “I called it because it’s (August) 2021, and pandemic or no pandemic, Delta variant or no Delta variant, I saw a pretty good chance of sneaking a majority and Hey, I’m in charge and if I want to call a two-year-premature election because my chances at the polls look really good, who’s going to stop me?” Bit wordy, I agree, but the campaign ninjas of the PMO might have whittled it down. […] Now in the last days of this transparent farce we have stepped-up diatribes against the “anti-vaxxers.” And much talk on the urgent need for “mandatory vaccinations.”

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