KINSELLA: Trudeau’s wrongdoings know no bounds


Don’t vote for Justin Trudeau. It’s that simple. Ask Jody Wilson-Raybould. She knows. In her best-selling new book, the former Liberal Attorney-General pithily sums up why she couldn’t abide Justin Trudeau any longer. “Aga Khan. India. Vice-Admiral Norman. SNC-Lavalin. Blackface. WE. Payette. General Vance. There are patterns reflected in all of these,” Wilson-Raybould writes. “This way of governing was not my way of governing and I did not want to be part of it — to be complicit.” It’s quite a list, isn’t it? And it can’t be in any way dismissed. It’s the words of Trudeau’s hand-picked first Minister of Justice. And, as millions of Canadians prepare to vote on Monday, it helps to remind us of Justin Trudeau’s many, many failures. Here, then, are Trudeau’s Top Ten Transgressions. Remember them on Monday. 1. Influence-peddling. 2. International embarrassments. 3. Groping a woman. 4. Obstruction of justice. 5. Railroading whistleblowers. 6. Racist behaviour. 7. WE corruption. 8. Gross incompetence. 9. Rewarding sexual misconduct. 10. Chinese coverups. We could go on — and on — but there’s not enough room.

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