Conrad Black: There is only one rational choice in this election


As Canada drags itself to the end of one of the most boring and superfluous federal election campaigns in its history, it is time to evaluate the merits of the different parties. The Greens are so extreme in their proposed remedies to imprecise environmental problems that a vote for that party is not rational. The Bloc Québécois is a Quebec separatist party and the independence of Quebec is an arguable political option for that province, but as the separatists would be the first to tell us, it is an issue to be decided by voters in a Quebec election and not a federal one. […] The People’s Party of Canada was founded by Maxime Bernier when he felt he was shabbily treated in the Conservative leadership selection process in 2017 and in the shadow cabinet in the subsequent year. His grievances were probably legitimate but his remedy, to set up a new party, was not. […] For anyone who does not wish higher taxes and more authoritarian government, a vote for the New Democratic Party, despite its frequently admirable goals, is not rational either. […] Erin O’Toole isn’t exciting, but Canadian Conservative leaders rarely are. In this election, he and the Conservatives are the best we have.

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