LILLEY: Trudeau doesn’t understand increased living costs


At the recent English language leaders debate, Justin Trudeau made a comment about lobbing tomatoes at China. It’s not a comment he would have made if he knew how much tomatoes cost; they’ve gone up in price 20.1% since January alone. Statistics Canada’s most recent inflation report in August said we paid 4.1% more for goods and services than we did a year ago. That’s just the average, of course, so some things were up by much more: gas, up 32.5%; pork, up 9.3%; furniture, up 8.7%; chicken, up 8.4%; vehicles, up 7.2%; and appliances, up 5.3%. If you have felt like life is getting more expensive, you’re right. This is the highest inflation has been since 2003 and the Trudeau government has no plans to deal with it. When last month’s inflation figures came out just as the election was getting underway, Trudeau was asked about the issue. Specifically, would he keep the Bank of Canada mandate in place that aims to keep inflation at 2% or lower, or would he let it rise like some progressive economists are suggesting should happen. “You’ll forgive me if I don’t think about monetary policy. You’ll understand that I think about families,” Trudeau famously said.

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