Judge Nixes Ballot Language for Referendum on Destroying Minneapolis Police Department


This November there will be a referendum on the ballot in Minneapolis that would, in effect, destroy the Minneapolis Police Department. That is — if proponents of the effort can ever write ballot language that can pass muster with the courts. For the third time this month, a Hennepin County judge struck down ballot language on a proposal determining the future of Minneapolis policing. The issue will now likely go to the state supreme court where its future is far from certain. Hennepin County Judge Jamie Anderson wrote in her 17-page opinion, “The Court finds that the New Ballot Question does not ensure that voters are able to understand the essential purpose of the proposed amendment. It is unreasonable and misleading.” In fact, proponents of Yes4 Minneapolis, the group pushing the destruction of the police force, want the ballot language to be “unreasonable and misleading.” That’s the only hope they have of winning. No doubt the gangbangers, muggers, and rapists are looking forward to a “comprehensive public health approach” to safety. But the rest of Minneapolis citizens? Not so much.

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