Dems propose a billion-dollar subsidy for local newspapers (that overwhelmingly support Dems)


Subsidies for local newspapers, which are at least as biased against conservatives and Republicans as the rest of the 90% of the media that is progressive, are on the Dems’ agenda. Chuck Ross reports in the Washington Free Beacon: House Democrats are offering more than $1 billion in subsidies to local newspapers as part of a massive spending proposal released this week, even as polls show record levels of distrust in the media. The $3.5 trillion spending plan includes up to $25,000 in payroll tax credits for each journalist on a local newspaper’s payroll. […] In my experience, local newspapers, which mostly employ younger and cheaper journalists than bigger papers, are even more biased than the New York Times or WaPo. Their heads filled with propaganda in J-schools, the youngsters seek attention and maybe even a job offer from the industry’s bigger fish by supporting what they (correctly) perceive as the norms of the industry: make conservatives look evil and stupid, and make progressives and Democrats look heroic. In point of fact, the public does not trust newspapers, which is reason enough to deny them subsidies.

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