White House Cuts Live Video Feed as Biden Goes Off-Script


The muting of the president continued Monday as White House staffers ensured no one heard a question rattling around in President Joe Biden’s head during a briefing on western wildfires. During a visit to Boise, Idaho, according to Fox News, Biden spoke about the wildfires, gave prepared remarks and heard from George Geissler, a Washington state forester and leading member in the National Association of State Foresters. So far, so good. Then Biden appeared to go off-script as he said, “Can I ask you a question?” “Of course,” Geissler replied. “One of the things that I’ve been working on with some others is… ” Biden said before the video feed cut off. The comments were not included in the official White House transcript of the session. White House staffers have silenced the president before. Last month, for instance, Biden was muted when he was going to reply to a question about his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. A recent report from Politico said that some in the White House cannot bear to hear a carefully crafted message blunted by the messenger, and either mute their televisions or turn Biden off, unable to bear the suspense of what will go wrong this time.

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