LILLEY: Activist accuses Trudeau of using gang shootings for political gain


We’re in the last days of this election and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are still campaigning in a fact-free way, trying to use bogeymen to scare voters while not being challenged in their claims. Case in point, their constant refrain that Erin O’Toole and the Conservatives forming government will mean more shootings in our streets. If Canadian voters are worried about shootings and gun crime, they should be worried about re-electing a Liberal government. In fact, Sukhi Sandhu, one of the leaders of the anti-gang group Wake Up Surrey, takes issue with the way Trudeau is campaigning on gun violence. “What’s most disappointing is that the ashes of our youth who have been killed in gang violence have been used for political rhetoric and wedge politics,” Sandhu told me over the phone this week. Sandhu was a longtime activist in Liberal politics in British Columbia before leaving that role to work with Wake Up Surrey and push for better policies to end the gang violence. He said Trudeau has not shown leadership on this file and is stoking fear. While Trudeau loves to go on about going back to the Harper years, under his watch, gun crime has only gone up.

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