If re-elected, Trudeau Liberals will mandate proof of vaccination without ‘fear of legal action’


The Trudeau Liberals promised business owners they would mandate proof of vaccination if re-elected on September 20. A concern of many is the fear of legal action against private enterprise, which the party says will address the issue. “[Before we address the economy], we have to get out of this pandemic first,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during Thursday’s leadership debate. “And that’s why the unequivocal leadership that we’ve shown as a government on making sure that everyone gets vaccinated is what’s going to get us [through the pandemic],” he added. “We cannot rebuild the economy until we get through this pandemic.” “We are unequivocal on vaccines.” “That’s how we’re going to keep Canadians safe and finish the fight against COVID-19,” tweeted the Liberal Party. Per the party’s website, they’ve heard from Canadians that they want to finish the fight against COVID-19. “Millions of Canadians have rolled up their sleeves and gotten their vaccine shots, doing so to protect themselves and their community,” the platform reads. “Across the country, thousands of business owners have demonstrated leadership to support vaccine rollout, and now many want to go further.

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