Chris Selley: Erin O’Toole, party of one


Judging by his entertaining rant-cum-question on Monday evening, Clint from British Columbia is fit to be tied by the Conservatives’ spending plans. “What do you think you guys are doing? You print money out of thin air!” he almost hollered. “How are you ever going to pay for that other than (by) taking it out on (our) taxes?” “Only the Conservatives will keep taxes low and balance the budget,” O’Toole promised Clint. I suspect Clint was not mollified. I suspect Clint regards O’Toole’s 10-year timeline for balancing the budget as absurd, which it sort of is: The last Conservative prime minister even to hold the job for 10 years was Canada’s first prime minister. Among the other callers, Angelo was worried about all the intra-party “bashing,” lest Canada wind up as divided as our American neighbours. O’Toole responded that he had “tried to run” a positive campaign “from day one.” But O’Toole had pitched that out the window earlier in the day in a blistering attack on Trudeau’s character — accusing him of not even being a “public servant,” and suggesting he didn’t “respect” him as a person.

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