Biden DOJ Clamps Down on Federal Law Enforcement Officers, Largely Bans Use of Certain Police Techniques


The U.S. Department of Justice announced that federal officers will in most cases be banned from using chokeholds and making unannounced entries when serving warrants. Barring situations where the use of deadly force is authorized, historic methods used by law endorsement officers to corral unruly subjects or to surprise potentially dangerous criminals through so-called “no-knock” warrants are banned effective immediately. The department said in a news release Tuesday that the changes were adopted following an internal review. “The Department of Justice today announced written department-wide policies explicitly prohibiting the use of ‘chokeholds’ and ‘carotid restraints’ unless deadly force is authorized, and limiting the circumstances in which the department’s federal law enforcement components are authorized to use unannounced entries,” the news release said. The changes, along with a newly implemented department-wide body camera policy, came following a review by Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco. Attorney General Merrick Garland praised the new policy for federal officers working under the DOJ in a statement issued with the department news release.

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