MALCOLM: Liberal elites have a bigotry problem


Liberal elites in politics and the media have a bigotry problem. They suffer from populist-phobia — an irrational fear and hatred of populist protesters. Just look at the way much of the media writes off the tens of thousands of anti-lockdown protesters who have overwhelmed the streets in major Canadian cities throughout the pandemic. Again last weekend in Montreal, Canadians of all walks of life — of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities — came out to protest against vaccine passports. An estimated 50,000 freedom-loving Canadians were peacefully using their voice to say “enough is enough.” The media either completely ignore the concerns of these protestors, or like Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, demonized them as “angry extremists.” Trudeau goes even further in his ruthless attacks against populist protesters. Trudeau referred to them as “those people” — a phrase similar to the one that got iconic Canadian hockey commentator Don Cherry fired. Trudeau mischaracterizes them as “anti-vaxxers” and flat out states that they are “racist and misogynistic.” He repeated these accusations multiple times during Thursday evening’s English leaders debate.

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