Celina Caesar-Chavannes: Why the former Liberal MP is throwing her support behind Conservative candidate


I was asked this week to write about my decision to support my local Conservative candidate, Maleeha Shahid. And while I feel that it is not necessary to explain it, anymore than I need to explain why I went to Catholic Church or why I had an abortion or why I had chicken instead of beef for dinner, I will acquiesce. I do so because we should be able to talk about politics, especially at a time when our country needs leadership. So let me address a few things. I will vote for Maleeha because I know her. I know that she has had to experience the same sorts of challenges I have, and I know that she will represent my voice in Ottawa as best she can. She is a fighter and I respect that. Does this mean that I am absolving the Conservatives from their records on human rights, racial justice or climate change? Just the same as me voting for Ryan Turnbull in the last election did not absolve the Liberals for breaking promises during their majority. The two parties are like six eggs and half a dozen. […] I will continue to hold leaders to account and criticize their inappropriate actions, policies and rhetoric, as I have done many times, for different leaders, in the past.

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