BONOKOSKI: The phoniness of Justin Trudeau’s ‘I am a Quebecer’


“I am a Quebecer. You keep forgetting. I am a Quebecer. I am a proud Quebecer. I have always been a Quebecer. I will always be a Quebecer.” On Christmas Day in 1971, in the maternity ward of the Civic Campus of Ottawa General Hospital, Justin Pierre James Trudeau was born to Margaret Trudeau (nee Sinclair), wife of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada. The Civic Hospital is in Ottawa, not across the river in Quebec. Justin Trudeau’s birthplace is therefore Ottawa. He may be a proud Quebecer, but it’s all in his mind. Trudeau has represented the Papineau riding, which is a burb of Montreal, since 2008, but he sold his house and moved to Ottawa in 2013 after becoming Liberal leader. That’s almost eight years ago. He doesn’t even have a litter box in Quebec. He is so Ontari-ari-ario, in fact, that he pissed off Quebecers by voting in the Ontario election that saw Doug Ford become premier. A proud Quebecer? He’s an Ontarian and a phony. To say “I’ve always been a Quebecer” is outright fantasy and a lie. Why is no one calling him out on this? […] He’s an Ontario boy, case closed. His father was unquestionably a Quebecer, but not him.

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