Taliban Allows Females To Attend School Under Gender Segregation


The last time the Taliban came into power over 20 years ago, women were banned from attending school. As the recent Taliban takeover has left many women questioning their future this time around, they have expressed hope to see a different result. On Sunday, steps were taken in the right direction as the Taliban’s acting higher education minister granted female students rights to continue their higher education. Taliban Higher Education Minister Abdul Baqi Haqqani stated, “any female students who continues their studies with Islamic hijab, the Islamic Emirate has no problem with them.” Haqqani added women could continue to study at universities, but the classrooms would be female only including teachers. Hijabs would also be required to be worn. “Thanks to God, we have a high number of women teachers,” Haqqani expressed. “We will not face any problems in this. All efforts will be made to find and provide women teachers for female students.” Not only would men and women have separate classes, but they also must be taught at separate places or have separate times for attending class.

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