OLIVER: A Liberal hidden agenda of tax hikes?


The Liberal Party has a hidden agenda. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is plotting a middle class tax hike. How could I know, since a Liberal insider such as Gerald Butts has not taken me into his confidence? The secret is contained in the Liberal platform and economic reality, which are there for all who care to see, which apparently the mainstream media do not. Start with federal debt approaching $1.2 trillion and no plan to get to balance. The Parliamentary Budget Officer forecasts deficits until 2070 when today’s teenagers will be retiring, if they can afford to. The Liberal election platform projects additional expenditures of $78 billion annually and an aggregate deficit of $335 billion over five years. If the past is prologue, the Liberal fiscal projections are largely meaningless, so it could be worse. Recall, Trudeau promised a modest $10 billion deficit during his 2015 campaign and ended up incurring almost $100 billion in additional debt, prior to the pandemic. The platform, like the budget, assumes there will be no extraneous shocks to the economy and that inflation and interest rates remain stable, which was never likely and has already been proven wrong.

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