Man Gunned Down by Antifa Assassin During ‘Summer of Love’ Sues Portland for Millions


The estate of the man gunned down by a “100% Antifa!” assassin is suing the city of Portland, Oregon, for its abject failure to keep violent antifa rioters in line. Aaron “Jay” Danielson was killed by a gunman, who was lying in wait, after a car rally for President Trump in downtown Portland in September of 2020–the “summer of love.” Danielson wore a “Patriot Prayer” hat. Patriot Prayer is a right-leaning group of Trump supporters whose rallies often met with violence by violent left-wing attackers. The man responsible for his death, Michael Forest Reinoehl, went into hiding in a rural area of Washington state, where federal lawmen found him days later. Reinoehl died in a shootout. Fox News reports that the Danielson’s estate’s lawyer, Christopher Cauble, said Portland’s flaccid response to antifa violence set the stage for the shooting. Portland police successfully kept the two sides apart during a planned free speech rally by the right-of-center group. At that event, there was no violence. But the city soon after went back to a more hands-off approach. What the city hasn’t figured out, notwithstanding plenty of evidence, is that when antifa doesn’t show up there’s no violence.

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