KINSELLA: Troubled Trudeau campaign focuses on strongholds


OK, everybody take a Valium. Didn’t former Quebec premier Rene Levesque utter those words, after he shocked Canada by winning power in 1976? Well, no.The now-deceased separatist premier didn’t actually say that. The legendary Postmedia cartoonist Aislin famously did, in a cartoon that came out after Levesque won. But those words apply in 2021 just as much as they did in 1976: everybody take a Valium (if your physician approves, naturally). Sure, one poll on one day — by the respected Nanos firm — recently showed the Justin Trudeau Liberals leap to a three-point advantage over Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives.Sure, it’s not what anyone expected, after Trudeau’s calamitous performance in the English-language leaders’ debate. When every pundit and politico thought Trudeau lost, and lost badly.When the popular consensus was that O’Toole, Green Party leader Annamie Paul, and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh did so much better than Trudeau. But Nanos, no fly-by-night operation, showed Trudeau ahead.Not enough for the majority government he so clearly lusts after, but ahead by enough. So people kind of freaked. The Liberal war room is invincible!

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