In Australia, vaccines are not necessarily about your health


COVID-19 is here to stay. That being the case, it would make sense to focus on treatment options as well as on vaccines. However, treatment options do not empower governments, and repurposing old drugs do not enrich pharmaceutical companies. Perhaps that’s why the Australian federal government has banned doctors from prescribing Ivermectin, which appears to be a useful treatment when given early enough to someone with COVID. What’s become extremely clear in the past few months is that “vaccines” do not eradicate the disease from a vaccinated population, unlike smallpox, polio, or other traditional vaccines. While the COVID vaccines may prevent some people from getting very sick with the original virus, vaccinated people can still get COVID (including its variants) and spread COVID. Indeed, they may be responsible for new variants and may be more vulnerable to subsequent Coronaviruses. Importantly, in a world with air travel and illegal immigration, there is no way to keep a disease from crossing borders. […] Australia, the various state and national governments of which have gone full fascist in response to COVID, may just have given the game away.

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