Heartbroken Gold Star Father Asks Devastating Question Biden Can’t Answer


Wyoming is the least-populous U.S. state — and yet, it was home to one of the first and one of the last American service members killed in the war in Afghanistan. The first was Army Ranger Spc. Jonn Edmunds, among two men killed when a Black Hawk helicopter crashed in Pakistan on Oct. 19, 2001, according to The Associated Press. Marine Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum, meanwhile, was among 13 killed in the Kabul airport bombing last month. His family had no patience with President Joe Biden’s handling of the matter. Between those deaths, nearly 2,500 of our troops died. The Taliban were in control until we got there. Now that we’re leaving, the Taliban have seized control again. Jonn’s father, Donn Edmunds, has a few questions for President Joe Biden. Namely: “If we were going to have 20 years of war” and it was going to end with the Taliban back in control, “why didn’t we just go in and bomb them instead of sending our troops over there? And that way, we wouldn’t have lost anybody,” Donn Edmunds said in a video interview with the AP. […] What was it all for? Joe Biden hasn’t come up with an answer for that, and it’s not for lack of trying.

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