Are the Conservatives worried about the People’s Party of Canada — or should they be?


Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole, during a recent campaign stop in the Greater Toronto Area, sidestepped a question about Bernier and the PPC, and instead touted his party as best placed to jump-start Canada’s post-pandemic economic recovery. Others such as Canada Proud have been more direct. The registered third-party advertiser, whose stated aim is to defeat Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, has stepped up warnings about a vote split on the right. The organization led by Jeff Ballingall, who served as digital director of O’Toole’s 2020 leadership race, has been pushing out memes and social-media videos to get its message across. That online effort has coincided with growing realizations about the extent to which social media has been feeding anti-vaccine and anti-Trudeau sentiments among segments of the Canadian population. One Canada Proud post includes a smiling photo of the Liberal leader captioned: “Trudeau when he finds out you’re voting PPC.” A second photo below depicts him wide-eyed with the caption: “Trudeau when he finds out you’re voting Conservative.”

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