Jagmeet Singh says regulating online speech is “government’s responsibility”


NDP leader Jagmeet Singh says the government must step in because social media companies aren’t doing a good enough job at keeping “hate speech” off their platforms. Speaking to reporters Wednesday night after the French leaders’ debate in Gatineau, QC., Singh said existing hate speech laws are not sufficiently preventing radicalization, though he didn’t explain at what point he thinks protected speech becomes “hate speech.” “The Liberal government acknowledged that there is a problem, but they haven’t acted in six years,” Singh said. “They haven’t done anything to take on hate speech online, and without any action from the government, we’re leaving it in the hands of the web giants or the social media giants, and they are not equipped, nor have they shown, really, the willingness, to take on online hate. They allow it to spread, and I believe it is the government’s responsibility.” Singh said a government response must involve the power to “remove immediately misinformation that incites hatred and act quickly to stop the spread of those type of messages online.” Singh added that Trudeau’s purported inaction on regulating online speech has resulted in “people being radicalized.”

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