If vax passports are OK, then so is requiring voter ID


Requiring proof of vaccination is unnecessarily burdensome to business and a violation of individual privacy. It is also suspiciously similar to Communist China’s social-credit system. No sane person wants to live in a sci-fi world where you have to offer biomedical information to drink a coffee or enter a church. Amusingly enough, liberals, the people most likely to support vaccine passports, have long made contradictory arguments. For years, we have heard Democrats insist that asking voters to present identification is a fundamental violation of civil rights, tantamount to Jim Crow. Who exactly belongs in this vast class of persons being denied the franchise has always been a mystery. Apparently, they are also people who have never had a job, driven a car, opened a bank account, flown on an airplane, received government benefits, ordered a beer, bought a pack of cigarettes or played the lottery. According to progressives, we need ID for everything in this country except the apparently sacred exercise of our voting rights. […] The same people blithely dismiss the possibility of voter fraud out of hand while insisting that the honors system won’t cut it for COVID.

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