Editorial: Trudeau’s election call is backfiring


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ducked the first question he was asked in the French language leaders’ debate by the moderator. The question was: would he commit to a four-year term if he wins another minority government? His word salad of a non-answer was vintage Trudeau, who ignores media questions he doesn’t want to answer by pretending they were never asked. That showed Trudeau hasn’t learned his lesson from calling this election in the middle of the fourth wave of the pandemic, on the same day Kabul fell to the Taliban, trapping Canadians and our Afghan allies inside Afghanistan. While any outcome is still possible on Sept. 20, this underscoresthe reason Trudeau isn’t cakewalking to the majority government that was widely predicted by pollsters and pundits in early summer. With 10 days to go before the vote, Trudeau still hasn’t provided a convincingreason for calling the election on Aug. 15, other than the obvious one — he thought he would easily win back the majority government he won in 2015, which he lost in 2019. Leading up to this election, almost two-thirds of voters told pollsters they didn’t want one. Ditto the major party leaders.

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