Donald Trump’s Compassionate Treatment of Gold Star Families Puts Biden’s Blunders to Shame


Joe Biden was recently criticized by many Gold Star families who lost their soldiers in the Kabul airport attack that killed thirteen American servicemembers and almost 200 others. The man everyone said would bring “empathy” back to the White House could not stop talking about his own loss long enough to hear from grieving parents. The families left their meeting with Biden feeling ignored, unheard, disrespected, and angry. PJ Media’s Matt Margolis reported: Rylee McCollum’s father and sisters were also scheduled to meet with Biden but refused to take the meeting because they hold Biden personally responsible for his death. Margolis also reported on other families who felt the same in another article, chastising Biden for using his dead son so often for sympathy and to make excuses. I reached out to my cousin, Audrey Leehan Brasee, a Gold Star widow whose story you can read about here, because she’s been through losing a soldier and all the horror and pomp and circumstance that goes with it, including meeting a president of the United States. “Don’t ever compare your kid’s cancer story to someone being murdered,” she wrote. “There’s a big difference.”

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