Conservatives stay ahead of Liberals in latest poll


According to a new poll from Nanos Research, the Conservatives are ahead of the Liberals as Canada’s election looms near. The poll, which includes data collected until September 8, asked respondents to rank their top local voting preferences if a federal election was held today. Results show the Conservatives at 32.6 percent and the Liberals at 30.6 percent. The NDP remain comfortably in 3rd place with 20.3 percent. Over the past month, the Liberals have lost nearly 3 percent while the Conservatives gained over 4 percent. Voters were also asked about who they would prefer to have as their Prime Minister. While Justin Trudeau remains out in front with 28.1 percent, at 27.5 percent Erin O’Toole is closing the gap. The popularity of the Conservative leader has grown nearly 10 percent over the past month, while Trudeau has become over 7 percent less favourable, according to Nanos Research. On Wednesday night, the leaders of Canada’s 5 major federal parties took to the stage for a French-language debate. The English debate is set to be held on Thursday.

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