Australian health chief stirs up conspiracy theorists by calling COVID-19 restrictions a ‘New World Order’


An Australian health official inadvertently delighted conspiracy theorists around the world after calling the pandemic restrictions a ‘New World Order’ during a press briefing. Dr. Kerry Grant, New South Wales chief medical officer, on Thursday was asked by a journalist whether contact tracing would be implemented once “we reopen,” to which she responded: “We will be looking at what contract-tracing looks like in the new world order — yes it will be pubs and clubs, and other things, if we have a positive case there our response may be different if we know people are fully vaccinated. We are working through a number of those issues, but we will have to reflect and learn,” Grant said. For years, the term New World Order has been used to define a hypothesis arguing that the world will one day be ruled by totalitarian order, in which a power elite will abolish sovereign nation states and rule the world as one. It’s unclear if Grant is aware of the conspiracy theory or used the phrase innocently, without any knowledge of its meaning; however, her use of the phrase was enough to set Twitter off, with at least 55,000 tweets commenting and attempting to decode the intent behind her words.

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