AOC’s Nasty Side Comes Out in Jaw-Dropping Insult: Women with Cancer Should Be Horrified


It’s the oldest canard in the liberal playbook when it comes to male legislators and the regulation of abortion. When reason fails, one need only say, “You wouldn’t understand, though — you’re not a woman. You don’t get to control my body.” Here’s a pro tip if you’re going to use that one, though: It helps if you can actually call a woman a woman. One understands that such language is “transphobic” nowadays. You don’t want to end up like J.K. Rowling, after all. However, modish though it may be, it doesn’t have the same sting when you phrase the standby clapback thusly: “You wouldn’t understand, though — you’re not a menstruating person.” It also doesn’t work if, when asked to clarify what a “menstruating person” is, you note that it’s far more than just a woke way of saying “woman” to keep alive the fiction that men can get pregnant. For instance, if you’re a cancer survivor, you might be excluded! That is, more or less, the jaw-dropping bit of linguistic prestidigitation Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York tried to pull when attacking Texas’ fetal heartbeat abortion law.

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