Watch: Liberal candidate admits federal employees will not be forced to choose between vaccine and their jobs


Liberal candidate for Carleton Gustave Roy said that federal employees will not be mandated to be vaccinated, and that the party never suggested that “they’re going to lose their job.” Roy, who trails current Carleton MP Pierre Poilievre by just over 20 points, said during a debate in Stittsville, Ontario that federal employees “must be vaccinated, or they’ll work from home, or will ‘find some accommodation with their employer.'” The announcement that federal employees would be required to be vaccinated came last month during a press conference with Liberal President of the Privy Council Dominic LeBlanc. While LeBlanc and later Trudeau said that employers would be required to get the jab, no detail was given as to what consequences unvaccinated employees would actually face. Trudeau threatened unvaccinated federal employees a week after the announcement, saying that his party was “unequivocal” in the belief that “civil servants must be vaccinated.” “If anyone doesn’t have a legitimate medical reason for not getting fully vaccinated — or chooses to not get vaccinated — there will be consequences,” Trudeau said, without any elaboration.

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