Shock Poll: Biden Approval Under 40% Overall, Even Core Dems Fleeing


Eight months of bad governance are finally catching up to him, according to the latest Presidentish Joe Biden approval numbers. Biden has lost traction with all voters, including core Democratic constituencies, pushing him below 40% — a near-record for any president in his first year in office. The only president with worse first-year numbers — and then even only barely worse — was Donald Trump, after relentless attacks and fake RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA conspiracy theories. Today’s numbers come from the left-leaning The Economist/YouGov Poll and are actually worse than they appear at first glance. Before we get to that, though, let’s take a look at just how far downhill Biden has slid in under eight months. Ryan James Girdusky was kind enough to collect all the headline figures in handy tweet form: Overall: 39/50; Men: 36/53; Women: 42/46; White men no degree: 28/61; White women w/ degree: 53/42; Black: 65/26; Hispanic: 41/36; Registered Voters: 43/53; Dems: 77/15; GOP: 9/89; Indie: 35/56. I don’t know how Biden managed to get a positive nod of approval from 9% of GOP voters, unless The Economist/YouGov oversampled the Bill Kristol household.

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