Rex Murphy: Two debates for Quebec. One for the other 30 million of us


We call them the leaders’ debates. There are three this time. Two of the three are in Quebec. Because Quebec is such a big province and so perfectly settled in the Confederation. Quebec is also by act of the Liberal government officially a nation, and a unilingual one, too. Cake possessed, and cake eaten. There are nine other provinces and also three territories, none of which is a nation, all of which are officially bilingual, and which hold only about 30 million of Canada’s 38.1 million people. For this clutter of secondary provinces and outlying territories, there is one debate. One. The people who set up these debates are under the illusion that Canada is a very small country and every place outside Quebec is a carbon copy of every other place. Hence, their careful rationing of debates. However, everybody else in Canada knows the truth is the opposite. Canada is very large, regions and provinces wildly different from each other, and all parts of Canada have their own issues of national importance. Which more than suggests that those who seek to govern us might want to visit a few places outside the TV studios of Montreal or Ottawa in which to discuss national issues.

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