Justin Trudeau finds his fire during French language debate, Twitter analysis shows


The French language debate thrust the 2021 election into the homestretch, and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s strong performance left him victorious in the Twitter universe at least, perhaps foreshadowing how Thursday’s English debate will land. His fiery responses to issues around identity and international issues resonated on social media and could signal the turnaround the Liberals have been seeking in what has been a listless campaign for them thus far. The most passionate exchange came near the end of the debate, when Trudeau reacted with fury to a question from Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-François Blanchet about identity, underlining Trudeau’s Quebecois identity with a passion rarely seen in this campaign. Overall, Ipsos’ Political Atlas debate tracker revealed a few key changes in public sentiment on Twitter. According to the Atlas, Trudeau emerged victorious, while the other leaders — save perhaps Blanchet — lost ground.

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