‘It’s what we have to do’: Liberal candidate says housing tax is coming


The Trudeau Liberals have some explaining to do on a hot-button issue after one of their candidates said the party will be taxing people who sell their homes. The Conservatives have been claiming the Liberals will, if re-elected, bring in a tax on the sale of primary residences — something not currently done in Canada. The Liberals though say the Conservatives are being selective in their use of video clips and have issued another showing the candidate saying that policy would not be brought in. If it’s leaving you confused, consider the poor Liberal candidate, Jason Hickey, who made both contradictory statements moments apart. “But of course, anyone selling their primary residence, if you do make money on that, unfortunately you will have to pay tax on that. I wouldn’t agree to that either, but it’s what we have to do,” Hickey said during the online chat with residents of his New Brunswick Southwest riding. Moments later, he was asked again about the issue of taxing home sales and this time Hickey said no. “I don’t believe we plan on bringing that forth — I don’t think we do that,” Hickey said.

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