Exclusion Of Foreign Policy From Debate Is A Gift To Trudeau & Insult To Canadians


The elites will always protect their own interests, and that’s what they’re doing by trying to give Trudeau a free pass for his horrendous foreign policy failures. When this election started, Afghanistan dominated the news. In particular, Canada’s lack of independent military capability, and our abandonment of both Canadian Citizens and Afghans who helped our troops during the war, caused foreign policy to be the key issue as the campaign began. This coincided with Justin Trudeau’s drop in the polls, a drop from which he and the Liberals still haven’t recovered from. Clearly, Canadians are paying attention. Then, just a few days ago, Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor hit the grim milestone of 1,000 days in the captivity of the Chinese Communist Party. Canadians paid attention to that as well. Thus, foreign policy has been a key part of the election campaign. Further, other issues that seem domestic in nature also involve an element of foreign policy. For example, despite what the dishonest Trudeau Liberals & deceptive establishment media claim, the vast majority of gun crime in Canada is committed by gangs, and many of the guns they use are illegally smuggled from the United States.

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